What targets does it score?
  • AP-1
  • AP-2
  • B-2
  • B-3
  • B-4
  • B-5
  • B-6
  • B-8
  • B-16
  • B-27
  • B-29
  • B-34
  • IPSC (full size)
  • IPSC (1/2 scale)
  • IPSC (1/3 scale)
  • Silhouette, 12x18"
  • TQ-6
  • TQ-7
  • 2" Round
  • 3" Round
  • 4" Round
  • 6" Round
  • 8" Round
  • 12" Round

We would be happy to add any additional target types that are of interest to our users. Also note that for targets not on this list, the app still works fine, but it will not be able to provide a score or a group size for that target. You can use the measured round targets (e.g. 8" round) with most targets if you can identify a corresponding size.

How does it score a hit on the target?
If you've selected the caliber of your firearm, it uses the radius of the bullet (e.g. 4.5mm for a 9mm) to determine where the edge of the hole is. If you haven't entered that, it performs a statistical analysis of the bullet holes and tries to determine the approximate size of the holes. It is best to select the caliber of your firearms.
How does it measure group size?
Group size is measured from the bullet hole centers.
Where is the data stored?
All of the data is stored in Apple's iCloud. We have no access to this data.
Does it share data among multiple iOS devices with the same account?
Yes, the app uses Apple's Core Data api, and if you have multiple iOS devices using the same Apple account, all data is transparently shared between them. So, you could use an iPhone and an iPad both to record to view the data.
How is the app so fast at locating bullet holes?
The app uses the built-in hardware in your iPhone or iPad. We've created a CoreML model for recognizing targets and bullet holes which runs on that dedidcated hardware in your device.
Who is the target audience of this app?
The app is designed for all shooters who want to easily record their shooting sessions. While we expect that serious shooters will love the app, beginning shooters will be able to greatly improve their shooting accuracy by being able to diagnose any issues that they have and measure their progress.
Is there institutional pricing for this app?
Yes, please contact us with requirements and we can provide a quote.